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Gillian's purpose & holistic vision is to help people creatively integrate the heart with the wisdom of the body, mind, spirit, & soul. 

Creativity is heart & soul centered!  It is about loving what you do!  Miguel Ruiz writes: "Every human is an artist."  


I am witness to children, adolescents, and adults living in a techno culture that are devoid of the experience of organic, unstructured play, and art making.  Creativity strengthens personal roots and collective branches of empathy.  Children need more than ever to learn how to feel sensations and connect with their body in loving, self-caring, empathic, and gentle ways.


I believe vitality, creativity, affectivity, empathy, and spirituality are the building blocks for emotional intelligence, literacy, resiliency, and purpose.  These human and spiritual qualities re-humanize the creative learning process. 


When you feel grounded in your body and connected with your own emotional waters, you are in the flow of your river.  Then you are able to fluidly move towards your purpose with flexibility, ease, and grace.  This is the place of your creator source - your inner magical playful child - the place of your worth and value.   Learning to live from your creator source deeply touches the heart and soul of what matters in your life, relationships, and friendships.


When a person restores their capacity to play, the exploration of creativity begins to flow naturally.  Some people feel safer using art to connect with sensations and express their feelings, as opposed to verbalizing with words.  


Creativity enables silence and a deeper communication with your internal creator source.  Reflection through a personal verbal dialogue with your image or object only happens as a result of your investment in your creation.   Help your children to imagine what is possible.  To remain forever curious and in awe of the magic of the life process.  Support the child's and your own inner child's desire to play, explore, laugh, cry, and grow!


Gillian is profoundly grateful for the learning and growth experience of practising over 17 years as an Art psychotherapist.  In Feb 2016 I am retiring from this modality and discipline to pursue new training in Nutrition alongside continuing to practice as a registered Massage therapist in the London community.  Namaste.




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'Driving William' is a 26 minute documentary conceptualized and co-produced by Art therapist and head of William's Rehab - Sascha Archer and filmaker - Joanna Higgs from GoTrolley Films, Cape Town, South Africa.

The story charts the miraculous and inspirational rehabilitation, recovery and reintegration through "foot and mouth painting" in Art therapy sessions with a 12 year old double arm amputee burns patient at the Cape Town Red Cross Children's Hospital, South Africa.

The documentary has been traveling around the world and was used to raise money for William's much needed prosthetic which he will receive end of June. It is available to schools, hospitals, NGOs and others for educational and teaching purposes only. View the 3 minute 'Driving William' trailer here:

Email Sascha directly at if you want to purchase a DVD of the longer documentary for CAD $20 and/or a 12 page booklet titled: "William's Art Therapy Journey" for CAD $10.